About Us

Hand in Hand has been fighting poverty and injustice since its inception in the early 1990's. In that time we have seen countless lives changed as a result.

We believe in equipping people in situations of poverty with the necessary skills to help them break out of it. To do this we work in partnership with projects overseas that have been established by members of the local community, since they are the people who understand their situation the most. We do not support individuals and we only support organisations with whom we have already established a relationship.

Hand in Hand helps these projects achieve their goals by raising funds and awareness throughout the UK. We fundraise in many different ways and are also involved in many different awareness raising activities locally, nationally and internationally.

100% of all project specific donations from individuals, schools, churches/community groups & businesses go to the project identified. This has been possible through generous sponsors, trusts, specific businesses, volunteers and all Gift Aid reclaimed which helps cover our overhead costs. All unspecified gifts go into an unrestricted General Fund which is used at the discretion of the trustees for overseas project work or special overhead costs.

Hand in Hand relies on the goodwill of others to do the work we do; financially, prayerfully, and practically. If you are a current supporter we'd like to thank you for helping to make us what we are today, but if you haven't supported us before then why not donate now!

Thank you for your interest and support!