Christmas Appeal

Christmas is undoubtedly a time when we think of others. The joy of giving is evident all around us. As we celebrate another Christmas we would like to give you the opportunity to continue to support the many children that Hand in Hand in Hand work with. Their deepest desire is to have the chance to fulfill their potential - Take Sarah for example...

"Hi, my name is Sarah, I live at Daylove Children’s Project, this has been my home for 4 years now. I don’t have my own bedroom and I don’t get to go on outings but I do feel safe and loved here and I know that I will be fed every day and be able to go to school which I love. One day I want to be a scientist so I know I have to work hard to achieve my dream. I don’t have a mum or dad but  Mary & Nelly at Daylove take good care of me and I have a lot of brothers and sisters around me every day! Christmas is a special time when we get to see family  members that are not usually around, like aunties and uncles. We have a special meal together , which I know some people have sacrificed a lot for so that we get one special day when we can eat roasted meat and chapatis. Daylove gave me a  special bag for food supplies to help my extended family as I spend time with them over the Christmas period. I want to say thank you to Hand in Hand for sharing my  story and that of other children like me so that we can have all the basic things we need and mostly have the opportunity to go to school so that I can one day get a job and be able to look after my own family. I also want to look after other children that have not got a mum or dad."

Take a moment today and consider if you can make a gift this Christmas to Hand in Hand. Help us continue to give children like Sarah a childhood and the oportunity to reach their potential.

To donate click here,  or send your gift into the office or transfer online to account number 86047019 sort code 600945 ref Christmas

Thank you for considering a gift to Hand in Hand this Christmas.

From all the team at Hand in Hand and the children supported we wish you all a very Happy Christmas. 

Names and pictures have been changed for child protection purposes - Sarah is based on a real child's story.

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