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Food for Hope makes it to the press!

There has been plenty of excitment in the Hand in Hand office as the Food for Hope appeal made it into the Essex Chronicle this week! Please do check it out!

This Christmas at Hand in Hand we are turning our thoughts to New Hope Children's Centre in Kenya where the food bill alone amounts

Back to school?!

Have got that back to school, work or university feeling? We certainly have!

But imagine if you didn't have a school to go to in the first place? That was life for the community at Nshumi until Horace started a transformation.

New edition of together!

Our latest edition of together is now available! Please click here to take a look. 

This time we are celebrating 'education' .

It's our Birthday!

It's our 16th birthday on the 6th Feburary 2014!! Birthdays mean friends and cake, and we thought what better way to celebrate! We would love you to hold a coffee and cake morning for Hand in Hand, have a chance to get together and enjoy some delicious cakes, with any of the money you would have spent on a starbucks,