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Last news before Mike and Charlotte return

Read Mike and Charlotte's last newsletter before they return to the UK. Although they are coming home sooner than they originally intended they have had a valuable 6 months with lots of love and care being given to the children by two available and willing people.

Pedal for Poverty is back for 2015!

On Saturday 6th June Hand in Hand is organising it's second Pedal for Poverty aiming to raise £10,000 to help keep orphaned and vulnerable children off the streets in Kenya.

News update from Mike and Charlotte

Issue 4 of Mike and Charlotte's newsletters from Kenya is now available. Click here to read the latest news and how learning to ride a bike has been a big hit at Daylove.

Lent Challenge - living simply and generously

Will you join Sue in her Lent challenge?

If we could live more simply what could we achieve? Of course for some that is not an option.