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New Hope Grows Mushrooms

Caring for over 150 orphaned and abandoned children does not come cheap! But with the right idea and a small investment, we can make a little go a long, long way.

Another Successful Visit

Anne Chege from New Hope Children's Centre has completed another successful trip to the Uk renewing contacts that she has made in the past either from her previous visits here or for those that have visited New Hope in Kenya.

Heavy rains damage CBC

This year Brazil suffered its worst flooding for 20 years and this has taken a big toll on the site of CBC.

Clinic Saving Lives

Already this year the clinic at Katwe has handled a number of different cases. As it is situated in a densely populated area, various people visit the clinic with various complaints such as malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, eye infections, pneumonia, worm infections and other infections.