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Clinic Saving Lives

Already this year the clinic at Katwe has handled a number of different cases. As it is situated in a densely populated area, various people visit the clinic with various complaints such as malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, eye infections, pneumonia, worm infections and other infections.

'Game of 2 Halves'

Grant Smith, one of our trustees, has written a book that asks, 'Why doesn't God do something to help those living in poverty?' Whilst this might seem to be yet another book on a topic covered numerous times by other authors, it is far from that.

Summer of Mission Trips


This coming summer will see 6 Mission Trips fly out to a variety of our project partners to see and support the work going on at these projects.

New Hope Irrigation Completed

Through the generosity of supporters when Anne was last in the UK we were able to raise sufficient funds for New Hope Children's Centre in Kenya to install irrigation for their vegetable shamba. This has now been completed and as a result they are now no longer affected by the lack of rainfall.