Nsambya Full Gospel Church, Katwe

Project Overview

Nsambya Full Gospel Church, situated in the Katwe slum of Kampala Uganda runs a primary school and clinic with accomodation for a few orphans on site. It meets the needs of the local children and their families. Hand in Hand has supported this project since 2005.

Project Facts
Location Katwe Slum, Uganda (5 miles from Kampala City Centre)
Project Theme Child Welfare and Education.
Project Diretor Paul Kinataama
Number of Staff 19
Number of Children Approx 400
Number of Girls 50%
Number of Boys 50%
Age Range 4 to 14
Children at Orphanage 14
School Facilities Primary classrooms, kitchen and dining room, clinic, bedrooms for teachers and orphans, mains water, mains electricity (shared), Good access to Kampala city centre
Orphanage Facilities As above, seperate boys and girls dormitories.
 Current Needs
  1. £175 = Monthly support of head teacher
Project Gallery Additional Information

Katwe is one of the largest slum areas within the city of Kampala, with a population estimated at around 20,000, of which 5,000 are children.

Hand in Hand along with other trusts and individuals, has assisted in funding the construction of the school, orphanage and clinic. At the beginning of 2011 all structural work has been completed with only plastering, flooring, doors and windows to be finished when funding is found. In 2012 the roof was completed with funds from an inidividual.

Hand in Hand has provided funding for the clinic which opened in 2008 and is now fully staffed and operational.

Hand in Hand are currently funding the support of the head teacher.

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