Thika Orphan and Grandparents Scheme (TOGS)

Project Overview

TOGS is managed by the Thika Diocese of the Anglican Church of Kenya to support poor grandparents who now care for their orphaned grandchildren. Hand in Hand has supported this scheme since the beginning of 2007 and has recently been reviewed with a new model being put in place which should bring greater impact.

Project Facts
Location Thika, Kenya (30 miles north east of Nairobi)
Project Theme Self-sufficiency
Project Owners ACK Thika
Beneficiaries Elderly Grandparents and their extended families
Age Range 60 to 100
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 Current Needs
  1. £100.00 = A water tank to harvest rain water for crops
  2. £190.00 =  Kitchen Garden Drip irrigation Kit
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Since 2007 we have been working with the Diocese in Thika to help support over 60 grandparents with the care of their orphaned granchildren.

The intention is to help grandparents become self sufficient, enabling them to provide for their orphaned grandchildren's education and welfare needs. After spending what little money they have on medicines for their children, these grandparents are left with no means to support their orphaned grandchildren, at a time in their lives when they are in need of support themselves. Support has taken, in the main, the form of the donation of a milking cow which will not only provide the family with milk but in theory also provide extra income from the sale of surplus milk. 

In 2014 we started a review process to assess actual impact. The results were not so encouraging and from a sample of 15 families we found that although the families had benefitted from milk themselves, in many cases the cows had not produced well thus not allowing for surplus to be sold and extra income achieved. What could therefore be done to really provide the support required?

After seeking advice and holding many consultations we have put a programme in place with the Diocese to really address the issues the grandparents are facing. The following support is going to be put in place and after 3 years we hope to see significant change. Should this be the case we can then role out the programme further:

  • Water tanks to harvest rain water so that crops can grow
  • A drip irrigation system with seedlings for growing crops to provide food security and excess sold for income
  • Training in the care of cows, vetinary assistance, replacement of cows where needed
  • Ensuring that the cow shed is adequate and that there is access to cow fodder
  • Ensuring that all of the grandchildren are accessing school and skills training   

Our staff in Kenya will be proactive in making sure that these measures take place working with the local parishes who will provide social workers to support the grandparents.

Finding a way to support families with orphaned grandchildren is key in light of the Governments directive that children should not stay in children's homes or institutions unless it is absolutely necessary for more than 3 years. This is a big challenge and we are working with our partners to help find solutions. This TOGS model which we are calling IFA (Integrated Family Approach) is an excellent way to find one such solution. 

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Esther's Family

Esther is 70 and looks after her two grandchildren, Ruth (8) and David (17) both their parents have died of HIV/AIDs. On top of that she also looks after Hannah (10) and Cecilia (12) the children of a friend who has died. What a hero! Read more...

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